Spring Creek Disturbance Triggered by Make Beds

Posted: August 9, 2013 at 6:30 am

A disturbance this week at the Spring Creek State Prison in Seward, according to the State Department of Corrections was triggered by an order for inmates to make their beds.

Bryan Brandenburg, Department Director of Institutions said that 14-inmates were reacting to a memo from the acting superintendent of the prison.

As we’ve reported, late Monday, the inmates in the segregation unit at Spring Creek began breaking windows and toilets, flooding their cells.

The corrections department says the inmates never left their cells, and the disturbance ended early Tuesday when they were moved to a different unit.

One inmate was pepper sprayed. Brandenburg says that only one officer was on duty at the time of the disturbance

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3 Comments to “Spring Creek Disturbance Triggered by Make Beds”

  • Lynnette haas says:

    Why would there be only one officer on?

  • Jeff says:

    Put all of them in a cell without a bed and make them sleep on the bare concrete floor! Ordered to make their beds? God forbid that they should have to do something so demanding. What a joke. Inmates are treated way too good.

  • OJ Simpson says:

    If they wanna bust their toilets and flood their cells, let em live in it!!