Sports Complex Expansion Funding Not Included In Governor’s Budget

Back in September the Soldotna City Council adopted its capital improvements plan with the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex renovation and expansion at the top of their list.


We spoke to Rep. Kurt Olson who said the money needed for the expansion in Gov. Parnell’s FY15 budget proposal, just wasn’t there.


Rep. Olson: “They were looking for at least $10 million and not only is it not in the Governor’s budget but there’s just not money in the capital budget for that kind of expenditure.”


 Rep. Olson said the money within that budget will be used for the “needs” and not the “wants”.


Rep. Olson: “You know our emphasis is going to be on roads and infrastructure. Roads, water, sewer more the needs than the wants and they realize that, a project like this has to get out there and get exposure and let everybody figure out how to make it work, not just legislature but the community and other communities because the intent is for this to be a regional facility.” 



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