Sportfish Rep. Says Low Escapement Will Hurt Fish

At last Monday’s meeting of the King Salmon Task Force, discussion focused on the 2013 Interim Chinook Escapement Goals. Sportfish representative Kevin Delaney said that while the lower end of the goal is the same as the goals used in the 1980’s…


Delaney: “Managing down in that 15,000 range was entirely hypothetical at that time. Now we’re here so it makes this uncertainty a lot more important to examine, and the fact that there’s no complete brood years of returns less than 22,000 does make that lower end of the curve, managing down to the goal, so to speak, to eke out every last dollar of economic opportunity in all of the fisheries, it makes it risky to the fish.”


Delaney said counting and escapement numbers are not precise enough to accurately predict what might happen.


Delaney: “The second thing is there’s only three years that the Didson has been in the water and that’s great, but fish go behind the Didson and over the top of the Didson.”


Delaney said the upper end of the goal puts fisheries at risk, while the lower end puts fish at risk.

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