Sport King Fishing to Go to Barbless Hooks, Catch and Release

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sportfishing division has released a new emergency order.


Sportfishing Management Biologist Robert Begich detailed the new regulations.


Begich: “The new restriction is catch and release only,  all king salmon must be realeased regardless of size, in the area of the river that’s still open to king salmon fishing downstream of Slikok Creek and the new restriction is that while fishing for king salmon anglers can only use  a barbless hook.”


This is the first time the barbless hook regulation has been implemented in Alaska during the late run king salmon run, the regulation was passed this spring by the board of fish.


Begich said the reason the regulation has been implemented is because the run is already 25% through the run based on historical run timing and we asked if numbers improve if the regulation will be lifted.


Begich: “We would have to project that we are going to achieve the escapement goal so what we would need is a sustained push of kings and right now what we would need is somewhere between 700 and 1,000 fish per day for an extended period of time.”


This emergency order regarding catch and release  and barbless hook regulations will go into effect Saturday, July 19, at 12:01 am.


For the full Emergency Order click here.

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  1. Mary 17 July, 2014, 14:55

    Maybe some day someone with common sense will help save the king run, someone who doesn’t bow down to titles and money. Our local people really care about the run, well most of them. All the ones I know and have talked with want the river closed to king fishing period. Just plain ole logic tells you how to solve the problem. Greed for money is never satisfied, always hungry for more at the expense of destroying resources.

  2. Timmay 17 July, 2014, 20:32

    This is the idiotic solution proposed by the feds. We are to blame for giving up that power of governance so really have to blame ourselves first. In my opinion, as a life-long resident, preserve the legacy and shut the Kenai down for 5-7 years. This may hurt tourism a bit, but I’d rather have a legacy to share with my children and future grandchildren rather than the immediate dollar. Memories are worth more.

  3. Cindy 18 July, 2014, 07:18

    Timmay……..This was not proposed by the Feds. This is the idiotic solution proposed by your gov Parnell (Board of Fish) , Commissioner Cora Campbell and local fishery biologist Robert Begich. They all need to go out the window.

    I agree, close the Kenai to ALL king salmon fishing for 5 – 7 years!!!!

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