Speaker Chenault Aligns with Governor’s State of the State Address

Last night, Governor Sean Parnell gave is fourth State of the State address. This morning, we spoke to State House Speaker Mike Chenault…


Speaker Cheanult(R-Nikiski): “I though the governor’s speech was probably right on target. We’ve got a number of issues facing the state, some big, some small. But certainly none bigger, domestic violence, and sexual assault and trafficking of our people of Alaska. It’s a scourge on the land, I think we’re probably number one in all those categories, you know, we need to continue to move forward and and try to take care of that issue. Governor talked about that, he also talked about instate energy needs.”


One focus of Parnell’s address was continuing to improve the education system statewide.



Speaker Cheanult(R-Nikiski): “I think right now, the graduation rate on average is about 70%, he’d [Parnell] like to see it closer to 90%”


Parnell said that his goal is to raise the state’s graduation rate to 90% by 2020.

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