Spawning Bed Protection Not Popular With Guides

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 10:26 am

Several proposals before the Board of Fish today call for increased closures around the Kenai River king salmon spawning beds.


Dwight Kramer with the Kenai Area Fishermen’s Association wrote one of the proposals…


Kramer: “If you look at the Anchor River, it closes above the bridge there at the weir; provides no fishing there and spawning certainty. We do it in other areas, we do it in the Kasilof. July 1st, that closes above that bridge, so the Kings can be left alone to spawn, and it’s time that we do it in the Kenai as well.”


Kramer said closures around spawning beds will protect “the biggest and the best,” but it won’t be a quick turnaround. It could take 15-20 years.


Board Chair Karl Johnstone observed that many of the proposals were repetitive, and asked for those who oppose them to comment.


Andy Szczesny, who represents Kenai River guides, said he doesn’t see any benefit to closing the spawning areas, since there are already “22 miles of sanctuaries on the Kenai River.”


Szczesny: This thing extends 200 yards downstream. I don’t know if there’s enough information to even go to an extended sanctuary of this level.  We already have the Killey, we have the Funny, we have Morgan’s Landing. We have miles and miles of sanctuaries.”


Szczesny said he didn’t see any benefit to the fish, only the likelihood it wouldclose the sport fishermen down.”


Roland Maw with UCIDA said they also oppose the proposal…


Maw: “In talking with some of our members and some members of the community, we oppose this. Because we didn’t think it was big enough. We thought it should be slightly larger than this. Maybe 300 yards.

Chair Johnstone: “I suppose that is a form of opposition.”


Paul Shadura with the Kenai/Soldotna Advisory Committee said he understands why guides might be “sensitive” to these proposals, since they cut down opportunity to target kings.

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10 Comments to “Spawning Bed Protection Not Popular With Guides”

  • Jay says:

    The guides are only out for one thing…………..the almighty dollar. The same holds true for the set netters. They all need to go………….leave the river and fish to unguided sport fishers!!!

  • Mary says:

    Do the guides have any clue what happened to all the kings that used to run up slykok? They are gone, demolished, college hole was fished out so bad it destroyed this natural run of kings. A large number of guides knew it at a meeting I was at. When they hear that there were only three kings that escaped they turned their heads the other way. The out of staters have no concerns about fish except they get their limit, money and run. Leave the destruction to someone else. I absolutely saddened at that natural run being totally gone. If its not stopped, man will destroy the world, sounds far fetched, but take a look at mining, logging, fishing lakes, rivers and oceans and development. Do not listen to their cries for money!

  • JT says:

    Jay, may I ask what you do for a living??? Setnetters are the hardest working people I know & no comparison to the multiple guides on the river. Not only to they provide income for there family, family members including kids who work extremely hard and learn incredible work ethic which is very uncommon these days & earn there own way through collage. But provide income via the processors they sell there fish to whom employ thousands of people. They are your neighbors and a huge part of the economics of our community. They are no different then contractors, plumbers,doctors & anyone else trying to eac out a living to provide for there family, plus they feed the world. When you order seafood from a restaurant or buy it in a store, where do you think it comes from? They have been around long before the kenai river got out of control. And it disgusts me that you are so uneducated about the impact it would have if they were unfairly fazed out, just so someone that hasn’t been around for decades can check a kenai king off there bucket list. How about doing a little research on there actual impact to this fishery they have, compared to the in river distruction that has been taking place over the past ten years. Do u think that after 50+ years of setnetting that suddenly there at fault for the rapid decline of kings. They are fighting for a fishery they was givin & allocated to them decades before you were probly even in excistance.

  • Jay says:

    JT……….I agree with much of what you say. The greedy guides need to go also. However, there is a bigger demand for the decreasing opportunity for sport fishing throughout the world. Commercial fishers were very entrenched off the Atlantic coast for years. Over fishing, human demand for sea food and more effective law enforcement on the illegal commercial fishers, have driven most of them out of business. Commercial fishing seems to be starting to come back slowly; but only with strong conservation measures added. You and your family members will find other employment; especially with the hard work ethics that you say you have. Alaska has one of the lowest unemployment levels in the US.

  • JT says:

    That’s the difference between u & I. I’m for equal & fair opportunity for all. Your fine with eliminating thousands of jobs for the greater good of yourself. You don’t think the unemployment rates going to rise when all these jobs go away + the economic impact of our local community? I guess that’s all ok as long as it doesn’t effect you in your town. I hope your secure in your job, because you will have some serious competition!

  • Ed M says:

    How true JT fair & equal is the law of the land ALASKA’S LAND & WATERS Jay if your so up on back east history why don’t you go there to teach it!!!

  • Ed M says:

    OK Dwight, where and when I support you!!

  • Jay says:

    Ed M…………I’m an environmentalist………..and we are heading up your way Ed M……..we are bringing Obamarcare with us:) The far right wingers need to start re-thinking…………there are plenty of jobs out there, especially in Alaska. Ak has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Most people just don’t want to work…………..oh, I guess you guys will work for about 4 weeks in the summer with the nets and call it good. The nets are going away ED M!!!

  • Ed M says:

    Not surprising another Do nothing person and TAX and spend Liberal in Alaska. Sorry most Alaskan vote Republican and they detest the blocking of jobs and common sense development. Please go back to live under the rock you came from!!

  • Steve Wright says:

    To be Brutally Honest. I am very Tired of Listening to the FISH WARS. This has gone on & on then on some more for Generations now. Fussing & Fighting, Back Stabbing, Hate & Misery.Cussin & discussing, No One can Agree on Anything . Not One issue can reach a Agreement & a Majority Vote.
    Hell I will be Dead & Buried & these User Groups will STILL be Fighting with Each Other. SPW