Sparks Fly As New Soldotna Teen Center Gets Underway

Last night the Soldotna Teen Center committee met in the new space to discuss design layouts, colors and how they will be able to obtain a coordinator.


Megan Bos brought in some of her 9th grade students from Soldotna High School to present some of their designs and ideas.


Bos: “The students were really excited about it because its real world application vs just some sort of classroom project and whats nice for them is this is a Teen Center that’s opening for them and they can kind of have a say in how its designed and what it looks like and how different areas are configured.”


We spoke with some of the teens that presented their ideas last night, and what they want out of a new Teen Center.


Teen Committee: “Mostly just a comfortable space for us all to hang out, we don’t want it to be like we’re coming to school and we have to be there.”

“Having different areas for like watching movies, doing art, having concession stands and internet, of course are important because like having just like one basic thing its like boring.”

“We need something that’s not boring, we need something that’s bold and fun and exciting and something that we can all enjoy.”


Peter Micciche gave honorable mention to Dan and Kathy Gensel who have been instrumental in the process.


The committee will be meeting again next Tuesday to further discuss the colors to paint the interior of the Teen Center.

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