South Peninsula Hospital Preparing for Changes With Healthcare Reform

Representatives of South Peninsula Hospital in Homer provided their quarterly report to the borough assembly last night, Robert Letson, CEO of South Peninsula Hospital outlined the assembly on


Letson: “We continue to take steps in the last few months to prepare for many changes coming with healthcare reform. We’ve hosted five-nationally renowned healthcare leadership specialists who presented on teamwork, helping staff though change, and truly achieving patient centered care. In particular we hosed Cathleen Bartholomew and John Mantz, authors of ‘Why Hospitals Should Fly’ and ‘Charting the Course’ these award winning books describe award winning books describe patient centered hospital care and teamwork among all levels of the organization and medical staff. We strive to emulate this model in the years to come beginning with our management team and board of directors.”


Letson also provided a fiscal snapshot of the Hospital in Homer…


Letso:  “Beginning with patient volume, our key statistics have increased this fiscal year compared to last fiscal year. Outpatient visits have increased 25%, emergency department visits increased 15% acute care patient days 15%, and surgery 17%. Our gross revenue has increased 28% this year, with revenue up by $12.3 million for the first ten-months of the fiscal year. Operating expenses have increased 20% compared to last year. Most of the increased in expenses has been volume driven. We’ve also hired several new positions this fiscal year.”

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