Some Resistance to Board of Fish Reappointment

Board of Fish members Tom Kluberton and Vince Webster were familiar faces on the Peninsula this winter, as they spent hours facilitating the King Salmon Task Force. Now, both men are up for reappointment to their Board seats, and Rob Williams with Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association said Kenai River Sportfish Association is working against the reappointment of Mr. Webster…



Webster occupies a seat on the Board which is dedicated to commercial fisheries, we asked Williams if he feels Webster has even been biased…



Calls to KRSA’s Ricky Gease were not immediately returned; however, KRSA’s website outlines their resistance to Mr. Webster’s reappointment, faulting him for the stalemate in the King Salmon Task Force.


Williams said these complaints were unfounded, since Webster and Kluberton were merely facilitators, and it wasn’t their job to interject in the Task Force’s decisions.

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