Soldotna Water Crews Planning for Two-Weeks of Water System Maintenance

Utility crews with the City of Soldotna are working to get the word out that city crews will be flushing the city’s water mains for the next two weeks. Rick Wood, Utility Division Manager with the city outlined the project…


Wood: “Well, come May 13th, that will be this next Monday, what we’ll be doing is our bi-annual flushing of the water mains, and what we do this for is just to remove all the particulate that’s collected throughout the winter in our water mains, to get rid of it. By doing that, it helps the water quality that we’re providing for the residents and our commercial buildings in town.”


We also asked Mr. Wood about the potential impact this work will have on city water users


Wood: “People could experience some low water pressure while we’re doing this here, because there will be times that we’ll be running about 4,000 gallons though the distribution system, but it should affect any of their operations. The other thing they could notice is, they could have a little bit of brown water stirred up in their supply lines to their houses. If they do experience that, usually, if they’ll just run their cold water and not the hot water, it will clear up within 15 to 20 minutes.”


Wood told us that city crews will be working on this between 7:00am and 7:00pm and will begin on the Northern side of the city, and work their way south to the Funny River area.

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