Soldotna Storefront Improvement Program Seeing Success in Year Two

The City of Soldotna gained a lot of attention last year, with their Storefront Improvement Program. The program, as we’ve reported, gives matching grants from the city to businesses who make improvements to the business “curb appeal.” Stephanie Queen, Planning and Community Development Director for the City of Soldotna in a recent presentation outlined some of the changes to the program entering into it’s second year..


Queen: “We’ve made a couple tweaks, this year we’ve opened it up to all commercial and limited commercial areas in town, not just the highways. The first year, we hired a design firm, we wanted to give people design assistance if they had the initiative and wanted to improve the business but maybe hadn’t ironed out all their ideas yet, and I felt like, looking, back that’s not something I felt was valuable to the program a lot of the designs weren’t implemented. So we’ve cut that this year, we’re not going to be doing that. I think the interest remains, but it’s slowed, so I think as we move forward, it’s something we’re going to constantly look at and see is it still working, is it still in demand, do we need to make tweaks.”


You can find more information about the City of Soldotna Storefront Improvement program here


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