Soldotna Still Looking at the Future for Parks and Rec

Crews with the City of Soldotna Parks and Recreation department are being kept pretty busy during the height of the summer fishing season, however, fish isn’t the only thing on the plate for Soldotna Parks and Rec crews.

Andrew Carmichael, Director of Parks and Recreation for the city told us that crews are still busy with planning for the future…


Carmichael: “

Its at 90% were looking at trying to look at it amidst everything else, to put some finishing touches on it, some final schmoozes on it, and then we’re also heading into the Sportscenter master plan. To look at what the facility needs are, in relation to it not only being a 30-year-old building, but also what the community would like to see done with it, in terms of do we expand here, do we do this, do we do that, see what the community wants. The building was opened in 1983, and it’s been band aided a lot over the years, and now it’s time to look at a major renovation.”


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