Soldotna Sports Center: New Name, New Future

The Soldotna Sports Center is taking on a new name, and a new future. Soldotna’s Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael said the change was strategic…


Carmichael: “Soldotna Sports Center has been renamed the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex, because it is a regional facility, so the City opted to rename it to that, in hopes of also being able to bolster and identify it as a regional facility to maybe get the state to help us with the expansion project. Conceptual design has been developed for it, and now it’s a matter of rounding up the money and the funding sources.”


The Center has been extensively reviewed by the City of Soldotna recently. The 30-year facility was heavily discussed by Soldotna City Council candidates at the recent elections, where there was also a debate about the possibility of another conference center for the city.

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