Soldotna Schools Realignment Committee Making Headway

On Tuesday the committee put in charge of deciding the direction of the Soldotna Schools Realignment met for their second meeting.



Pegge Erkeneff with the KPBSD said the commitee is making some headway.



Erkeneff: “The meeting on the 24th was excellent, Mr. Hayman constructed three working groups and mixed everybody up so there were a mix of representatives from both Skyview, SoHi and Soldotna Middle School and our community parents representatives and they were tasked with coming up with their solution so two of the groups presented”.


Erkeneff went on to explain what the two groups had to present.


Erkeneff: “The two groups that presented talked about the names and the colors and mascots and ideas for how they would like to see the whole community to come together. One of the groups their idea was the mix the colors so all three schools are really unified and there’s either putting in an accent of purple or blue so all three schools has a similar color scheme”.



The next meeting for the committee will be on Oct. 8th at 6pm in the Soldotna Middle School library.

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