Soldotna Schools Committee Decide Colors

During last night’s meeting, the Soldotna School’s Reconfiguration Committee came to an agreement as far as colors although among the purple, black and silver/white, there was some confusion as to which blue would be more fitting.


Pegge Erkeneff with the School District outlined some topics from the meeting.



Erkeneff: “I think the areas they were focusing on tonight were again around the colors for the schools and I really think they want to unify that so that would look like blue and purple with accents of white and black for all three schools as well as then the mascots for the schools, so those pieces there is a lot of unification around we want a positive experience that are going to be making the transition and the students in the future”.



Erkeneff explained some of the issues the committee is having trouble agreeing on.



Erkeneff: “I think tonight what we noticed the consensus hasn’t been reached on is what is the name for the 10-12 grade high school going to be. They got really clear with colors and mascots and names for both the 7-9 and the 9th grade but we will be working on that on the next meeting, what’s the name for the 10-12 grade going to be”.



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