Soldotna School Realignment Plan Getting Good Level of Support

As we’ve reported the future alignment of the Soldotna area schools have been a topic of discussion in the local community. The School district is looking at the possibility of having the six local elementary schools, feed into two middle schools, then one high school in the future, currently, the students go into one middle school, then two high schools. We spoke to Pegge Erkeneff with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District,  who said the proposal would have Skyview High School transition into the second middle school…


Erkeneff: “For this plan, as it was presented, and discussed, and brainstormed around on January 10th, there was overwhelming support by all the principals, and all community members when all the different pieces that went into it were looked at. We’ve have very real people, students, and people who are invested in our schools and the schools they went to. So there’s a lot of work to do, a lot of conversations to have, and a lot of listening to take place.”


Erkeneff said there will be a work group meeting to discuss this tomorrow, Thursday, January 24th, and then the district will hold public meetings at all affected Soldotna area schools sites on February 11th.

The current recommendations are for this to go into effect for the fall of 2015, however, some are encouraging the change to happen sooner, in the fall of 2014

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