Soldotna School Realignment Meetings to Take Place Tonight

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will be holding a series of meetings tonight to continue discussions of the proposed Soldotna area School realignment plans. Pegge Erkeneff with the KPBSD told us that district officials will be holding meetings tonight at 6:00pm at all ten greater Soldotna area school sites.  Erkeneff outlined the proposed realignment


Erkeneff: “In this proposal, we have two middle schools, Skyview would be a middle school a (7-9) as well as Soldotna Middle School, and Skyview would still have RCA[River City Academy] at their campus, and there would be one high school. Right now, our students go to 6 elementary schools, then they go to one middle school, and then they have to split to two high schools in the area. So it would also shift some of those big transitions at pretty important years for our students.”


During our conversations, Erkeneff also noted that there has been a lot of misconceptions about the project in the area.


Erkeneff: “We’re hearing we’re closing Skyview, we’re hearing a lot of different things about why can’t we do this, or this would be a good idea, there’s lots of good ideas out there, there’s a lot of considerations to go into a big decision like this to use existing buildings. A big piece of this is declining enrollment, and if we do nothing, in a few more years we’ll have a major problem and be in a reactionary state, and the School District and the School Board are looking to make sure that doesn’t happen so that we can provide many opportunities for all of our students and a quality education in the Soldotna area.”

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