Soldotna Rotary Outlines Kenai Ice Classic Idea

Riley: “As soon as the ice goes out, we will have a time and date, and hopefully the system that we have set up will work, we’re trying to make it above reproach, and basically set it so we can go live next winter for the first annual Kenai River Ice Classic.”


Sarah Riley with the Soldotna Rotary Club outlines a project by the club to set up a Kenai River Ice Classic, the setup of which gained a lot of attention on Wednesday Afternoon.

Riley headed the project with fellow Rotarian, Josselyn O’Connor…


O’Connor: “Well, our fingers are crossed. We’re going to be selling tickets, very similar to the Nenana Ice Classic. We’d like to sell tickets, to raise money for the Rotary Clubs to invest back into this community, so this year, we’re going to do a trial run and see what happens with the ice, as we’ll be kind of ready to roll, so we can roll it out next year and sell tickets.”

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