Soldotna Restaurant to Close After Early Morning Fire

Posted: January 17, 2013 at 8:03 am

Crews with Central Emergency Services were called to a reported structure fire early this morning, at the Pour House restaurant located on the corner of the Sterling Highway and Kobuk Street in Soldotna. CES Safety Officer, Brad Nelson….


Nelson: “Right around 1:25 in the morning, a taxi cab driver noticed smoke coming from the Pour House and called 911. Dispatched CES units who responded and arrived on scene within 3-minutes and did see smoke coming from the eves of the restaurant, crews made entry, found a fire in the back of the restaurant in the store room area, and were able to extinguish it pretty quick using water and firefighting foam. The damage was contained to the store room; it did get into some of the kitchen, and into the dining room. There is smoke damage throughout the entire restaurant though. We’re estimating the damage is going to be right around $25,000. Luckily, nobody was at work at the time, the restaurant was closed, so there are no injuries in the fire.”


Nelson said that the origin of the fire is known to be the storage room; however, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.


Pour House owner, Molly Poland, announced that she was woken up this morning by an alarm company with the news that the Pour House had caught fire. By the time the Fire Department had arrived most of the damage had already been done. The Pour House is officially closed.

Poland wanted to thank all who worked for her, as well as the customers that believed in her dream. Poland, who also owns Hooligans Lodge, said that she’s not one to let this get her down, though she said ‘it is a huge disappointment to see all our hard work vanish in minutes,’ but she’s mostly sad for all of her employees who now need jobs.




**Comments on this story do not represent the thoughts and/or opinions of the KSRM Radio Group, Staff, Management, or Sponsors.**

** Comments on this story do not represent the thoughts and / or opinions of KSRM Radio Group, Staff, Management or Sponsors. **

14 Comments to “Soldotna Restaurant to Close After Early Morning Fire”

  • Sounds a little fishy to me! Molly is claiming it’s a “Total loss” on her FB page, seems $25,000 isn’t a total loss bet she would have rather had it burn to the ground. Bet she had something to do with it!

  • Wow Suspicious, that’s not cool, it’s an aweful thing to say, and it definately teeters on the edge of slander. The Pour House was a total loss, then the fire happened.

  • BS says:

    How convenient….

  • Brandi L. says:

    Both of you are really disgusting. Why don’t you haters crawl back under a rock somewhere. The Pour House was a thriving business, putting people to work in the area. This was a positive thing, and there is no way Molly would purposefully put people out of work. She continues to do a lot for the community and deserves our sympathy and support.

  • Haha says:

    Hopefully her insurance company looks in to this. It has scam written all over it. The pour house was not a thriving business. Never busy and I’m sure hooligans was paying its bills. Way to admit failure Molly just burn it down.

  • Tantar says:

    “It looks questionable to me.”

  • eric says:

    We might not ever know how the fire started and at least it didn’t start up again in a couple hours like the one at pizza petes ten years ago.Molly makes money off tourists and in order to do that hires a few young locals to do the work let’s not start praising her like a saint when this business doesn’t cater to the locals nor does sals and until we have decent locally owned community involved businesses nobody is going to care if giant corporations move into town and run all the small guys out of town. The rich don’t spend enough money in this town they only make money here.

  • Me says:

    Another fire same general area, in a couple of months. Doesn’t look too good. I’m sure the Fire Marshall will find something.

  • Really?? says:

    Suspicious at best. Really? Closing the whole thing down because of a storage room fire?? Come on, we’re not all 3rd graders here!! You almost sound like the Notre Dame story floating around on the news lately.

  • Bean says:

    You people are sick and twisted Molly loved that place and all of her employees and would never do anything like what you are saying I think yall need to drink gatoraid instead of hateraid she is wonderful ,smart, caring individual who shouldnt be talked bad about. I work for her and I see all the wonderful things she does to help the community her employees hell even complete strangers just last week she let a family stay at hooligans completly free because their house burnt down a few weeks before that she let a man who was in a car accident stay there for free plus the countless charitys she donated to around christmas that she doesnt talk about because she doesnt want a pat on the back shes just being Molly and being awesome. Oh how about her giving away a free trip to someone just for being nice seriously what other buisness around here does that so yall just need to shut up trash talking one of the best people around here seriously….Gatoraid not hateraid

  • Nita says:

    Anyone cowardly enough to write slanderous and useless statements about this fire and the business owner should imagine starting your day off hanging out with fire marshals, staff and family as you watch your hard work and money vanish. The amount of damages stated earlier today by the fire department is a gross understatement, which I say with confidence as one who has just walked through the remains. The building is not covered by insurance so this total loss helps Molly in no way whatsoever. Surely you can find something better to do with your day than speculate and speak hurtful lies about a circumstance you clearly do not understand.

  • Seriously? says:

    Are you all serious? SHE DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE!!!!!!! And the damage is WAY more than 25k. All the TV’s melted!! You are all f’n jealous a$$es. And who doesn’t make money off of tourists? IT’S A TOURIST TOWN!!!! Find a job, make your own living, stop being jealous of someone else’s success.

  • Sanity says:

    Wow. Two fires in the same business in just a few months time? Hmm..
    Isn’t this the same Pour House that fought the city of Soldotna on bringing it up to code? Hmm.. It seems to me that someone didn’t want to pour money into an old building and wanted the new equipment in Hooligans to boost business. Maybe daddy didn’t like that idea and so a scenario had to be created to make that dream possible.
    And the business owner was operating a bar/restaurant with no insurance? Shame! The “said employee” who allegedly put the insurance paper work on the owners desk probably can’t be located, nor the information confirmed.
    I sure hope the fire investigators find a cause.

  • mumzee says:

    Does that mean hoolis is uninsured, too? What if there was a fire or stampede and someone got hurt? What if someone had been inside the pour house and got hurt in the fire? I don’t buy her lost insurance paperwork claim. Businesses, esp new ones KNOW when their insurance is due. More like the pour house was in the poor house! If she knew when it arrived, she knew it was coming due. What would she say if a person was hurt? Oops? Blame someone else? Welcome to business ownership and responsibility! Clean your desk and maybe you wont forget to pay the bills! People depend on business owners to be responsible and she failed miserably. I smell a fraud! Obviously she doesnt care if someone gets hurt in her establishments or if she loses money on a building she couldnt maintain. Clean your equipment and clean up your act! Whats next? The poor molly fund?