Soldotna Pursues State Funding for Sports Complex

We’ve previously reported that the new Soldotna City Council is placing a high priority on the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex. Mayor Nels Anderson…


Mayor Anderson: “Well, we’re in the process still of trying to obtain some funds for it. I don’t think there’s any question that all of us want to move forward with that. The Borough is supporting us, we have talked with the Governor, trying to get some funds from the Governor in the Governor’s budget, and we’re putting in a lot of high pressure, having people in the community, encourage them to contact the legislators and others to try and encourage that.”


Anderson said the new name of the Complex highlights its broad usage…


Mayor Anderson: “We see this as being a a regional sports complex that will provide not just for Soldotna, but for example, Homer may come up and use the indoor soccer field for training, and we see it as a peninsula-wide benefit.”

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