Soldotna Pulls down Old Reservoir, Plans For Construction

City Engineer Kyle Kornelis said a new water reservoir is a top priority for the City of Soldotna. Work was done this past weekend to clear the site of the old reservoir, after its roof collapsed last October.


Kornelis: “It reduces our water supply that’s available in bulk, however it doesn’t affect our average daily need or our fire suppression. Certainly we’re going to want to get back up to that capacity by constructing a new reservoir in the near future, but we have some time to work towards that, and it is a priority of the City to do so.”


Kornelis said calculations indicate there is enough water for daily demand and fire suppression, and was looking to the future…


Kornelis: “One of the options is to rebuild in the exact same place, another option would be to construct a reservoir in an alternative location, and that’s the one we’re really investigating right now – is a finding an area on the other side of the bridge some redundancy, it would take a considerable amount of money,  so we’re seeking different grant funding opportunities and it would certainly take… probably wouldn’t see construction any time soon. Next couple years we’d like to get it rebuilt.

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