Soldotna Protest for Peace with Syria

Local residents staged a small protest at the ‘Y’ in Soldotna last Sunday, calling a peaceful response to tension with Syria. Hue Hayes said he was motivated by memories of wars past…


Hayes: “I’m a member of the Veterans For Peace, and so I’m very much supportive of decisions based on wisdom and peace. So I was supporting peace and protesting, I guess, against our national rush for a military strike against Syria. I feel like there’s got to be a better way to live than you and me shooting at each other and bombing each other.”


During our conversation with Hayes, new information about a peaceful handover of chemical weapons was surfacing. Hayes applauded the idea…


Hayes: “I see that as a significant change and I suspect that that will be one that if they can work it out, the details of it, that will be a peaceful solution.”

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