Soldotna Police Investigating Suspected Sexual Assault

Yesterday afternoon, just before 4:00pm, officers with the Soldotna Police responded to Soldotna Creek Park for a report of an attempted sexual assault.  Soldotna Police Sgt. Stace Escott told us that the victim reported that there were two assailants in this case.

Sgt. Escott told us that the first suspect was described as a white male adult, approximately 50-year-old with grey hair with stubbly facial hair.  He is approx 6’ tall, 220 lbs, and described as having a pot belly.  He was last seen wearing a white shirt, black pants, and had a “Trustworthy’s” ball cap.


The second suspect was described as a native male adult, possibly in his 20s, smaller build, with medium length dark hair with a blonde streak on the right side and a soul patch under his lip.  He was last seen wearing a brown coat, blue shirt, and light colored blue jeans.  He also wore a simple gold wedding band.


The unidentified victim in this case reported that the pair had a knife they used which was described as a 4 inch folder with a brown plastic handle, silver ends, and the word “Alaska” printed on the side of the handle.


If you have any information about these men, please contact the Soldotna Police Department at 262-4455.

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