Soldotna PD Discusses Details of Accident on Bridge

Traffic was slightly impacted this morning by a single vehicle accident on the Soldotna River Bridge. We got further details from Soldotna Police Officer Mark Berestoff…


Officer Berestoff: “This morning at about 7:51 hours, the Soldotna Police Department responded the report of a motor vehicle accident on the Kenai River Bridge. It was determined that Evelyn L. Clough, she’s from Sterling, was traveling southbound on the Sterling Highway when she hit an icy stretch of the road way, which put her into a skid, she lost control and slid off the roadway, and struck and actually got hung up on the railing of the bridge. There were no injuries and the vehicle was towed from the scene by Soldotna “Y” towing.”


Officer Berestoff did confirm that Ms. Clough did slide across both lanes of the Sterling Highway before hitting the railing.

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