Soldotna Parks Department Busy Over Past Weeks

This past weekend was a busy weekend for all of the central Kenai Peninsula.


Carmichael: “In the Centennial Campground alone, the staff was writing a pay ticket or doing a transaction once every 1. 2 minutes for 8-hours straight during the day shift, and then it was steady like that all the way though. People were looking for some way to get into the river, launch a boat, find some fish, enjoy the sunshine.”


Andrew Carmichael, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Soldotna told us that the city’s campgrounds have been so busy in the past weeks, RV campers have turned to the parking lot of the Soldotna Sportscetner…



Carmichael: “They pay for it same here as they do in the campground, we get quite a few people that actually come here first ever, get some spots. We have a umber dedicated spots here at the Sportscenter that were put in many years ago. It allows people somewhere to go and somewhere to camp. But there is a fee assessed.”



Carmichael did say that the fess that the city assesses for camping at the sportscenter are the same at the local campgrounds.

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