Soldotna Parks Closing For Winter

Soldotna’s Swiftwater Park has been closed for the season. Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael said others will follow…


Carmichael: “Well we’re just kind of winding up the summer season. You’ll know it when we go ahead and shut the gates on Swiftwater Park. Centennial will stay open till the end of the month, or until the first big snow flies, because we don’t maintain the boardwalks. So as the water levels cooperate, we’ll start pulling some stairs. We did pull the ones at the Soldotna Visitor’s Center the other day, but the water’s scheduled to come up a little bit, so we put that on hold, rather than put employees in harm’s way, crawling around in the rushing water. So once the water drops back down, then we’ll be pulling up the stairs and everything’ll be put to bed for the winter.”


Carmichael said he’s also working on more skating opportunities for local residents.

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