Soldotna Parks and Rec Master Plan Discussion Continuing

Posted: April 8, 2013 at 7:59 am

The City of Soldotna is continuing to meet to discuss the future direction for parks, trails, and recreation for the city. Andrew Carmichael, Director of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department discussed the ongoing conversations…


Carmichael: “Who uses what parks, what they would like to see added to the inventory of parks, especially recreational trails. Con activity. Ideas from people out and about, what areas they would like to see connected. Do we want to try to connect the Unity Trail that runs across K-Beach over the cross to Tsalteshi or do we want to connect to the golf course, or do we want to connect the east side of Soldotna to the west side of Soldotna?”


You can find more information about the Soldotna Recreation and Trails master plan here

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