Soldotna Parks and Rec Final Draft Released

Soldotna’s parks and recreation opportunities are expanding, with significant development of a Teen Center, a look at upgrades for the Sports Center and the development of the City’s Parks and Rec Master Plan.


The final draft of the Master Plan was released last week. 580 people responded through public surveys, and the majority say their top priority is maintaining and improving existing parks and trails.


Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael…


Carmichael: “One thing that’s coming to the top is what to do with the sports center. To expand it, it’s 30 years old, do we do a renovation, that hasn’t happened in its 30-year life, just like the roof, those type of things, a lot of those kind of documents are what’s coming up.”


The Soldotna Sports Center was featured as “the most frequented recreation facility in Soldotna,” and Carmichael said it no longer meets the needs of the area…


Carmichael: “To look at what the facility needs are, in relation to it not only being a 30-year-old building, but also what the community would like to see done with it, in terms of do we expand here, do we do this, do we do that, see what the community wants. The building was opened in 1983, and it’s been band aided a lot over the years, and now it’s time to look at a major renovation.”


The final draft of the plan also recommends increased oversight and maintenance of outdoor trails, as well as a pedestrian crossing near the Sports Center.


Click here to view the plan online.

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