Soldotna Park Crews in Holding Pattern as Area Thaws

Crews with the Soldotna Parks and Recreation Department are usually pretty busy during this time of year, however, Andrew Carmichael, Parks and Rec director for the City of Soldotna said that is not the case this year…


Carmichael: “Usually by this time, we’re starting to go out and say, what do we need to do. But right now,  stuff’s still encapsulated, we were out in Soldotna Creek Park, Carmen Triana, Assistant Director and I were walking along and said, did somebody leave like an air mattress or something laying around over there, or a sled or something, and right there at snow level was one of our benches, so it’s just still deep and crusty. So we’re kind of waiting, we don’t anticipate damage from the winter, as the ice came and stayed in place for the most part, as opposed to other years. We have one stair unit that will need to be tweaked after the high water last fall, other than that, its just a matter of putting stuff back down in the water and jumping into projects.”

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