Soldotna Moves to Reduce Hook Up Fees

Good news for Soldotna residents hooking up to city utilities: administrators are moving to cut the way interest is charged for connections.


City Manager Mark Dixson…


Dixson: “The stub out relates to the water and sewer lines that are being put in, specifically with regard to Sterling St. And one of the issues that’s come up is that there are several people along one of the streets that, even though we’re putting in the utilities, they don’t want to hook up, because they have their own well. Traditionally, what’s happened is that once we’ve put in the stub out so they can connect, if they choose not to, we will go ahead and assess the property the cost of that stub out and then we will charge them interest over the period of years until they actually connect. And what this ordinance does is allows the council to not put an immediate assessment on the property to allow them to pay the assessment once they do hook up.”


Disxon said this would benefit those who prefer to remain on their own utilities.

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