Soldotna Moves to Address Residential Traffic Concerns

The Soldotna City Council this week passed an ordinance which allows city police to respond to residential concerns about heavy vehicles.


Until now, there’s been no restriction on the size or type of vehicle which is allowed to travel through a Soldotna neighborhood, but Mayor Nels Anderson said there were complaints last summer…


Mayor Anderson: “Like in this case where we had repetitive gravel hauling down the same road with vehicle after vehicle after vehicle. People were worried about was that a safety issue for their children, completely apart from the fact that these were starting relatively early in the morning, it was pretty disruptive to the neighborhoods in terms of the sound that was created.” 


Police Chief Peter Mlynarik said they can now respond to concerns, though they don’t plan to pursue trucks through the streets…


Chief Mlynarik: “It’s probably going to be mostly complaint-driven. Someone calls up and says, ‘Hey, there’s a commercial vehicle that’s going through our neighborhood hauling gravel,’ or something like that. And that’s something that we would respond to in that fashion – someone would call up and complain about it. We wouldn’t generally check every commercial truck driving through the city to see what his intent was.”


There are some exceptions to the rule; anyone making a delivery or providing a service on a city street is allowed to continue as normal. All others will be liable for a $100 fine.

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