Soldotna McDonald’s Continues Looking Into Options for Relocation

Despite rumors of the Soldotna McDonald’s relocating to where Walgreens will be built, owner Scott Cunningham said there has been no decision made.


Cunningham: “We’ve come to a point where we can no longer make the improvements and invest in that site that’s going to enable us to better serve the community, so we’re looking at options. One of the options that has come up is moving to the site where the Walgreens is going. Nothing has been signed, no deals have been made, no money has been exchanged.” 


Cunningham said that at the current Soldotna location McDonalds goes to the property line on all sides.


He added that there will be no part of the move happening this year.


Cunningham: “It would be a minimum of 12 months before we even started construction on a new place so you have to figure it would be 3-6 months after they start construction before we actually move.” 

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