Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche to Run for State Senate

Posted: May 21, 2012 at 12:00 pm


Late last week, Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche filed his intent to run paperwork through the Alaska Public Offices Commission for the state senate seat currently held by Senator Tom Wagoner of Kenai. Micciche made the announcement to the KSRM News Department.



Micciche is serving his second term as they mayor of Soldotna, and outlined his platform in the state race..



Senator Tom Wagoner has previously announced his candidacy for the seat.


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11 Comments to “Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche to Run for State Senate”

  • Lifelongalaskan says:

    Surprise, surprise.

  • Ha says:

    This kid thinks he’s going to be more effective than Wagoner? Good luck. It’s one thing to read off a bunch of talking points and buzz words, it’s something completely different to offer real solutions that have a chance of becoming law.

  • WilliamSeward says:

    He must have ran out of time before he said he was going to cure cancer and solve the space-time continuum

  • NOT HIM says:

    He needs to stay out of the political arena he cannot run Soldotna with a firm hand what makes him think he can do better at the state level he will Ruin the state!!!!! I will vote Democrat before I vote for him!!

  • Commander Adama says:

    WilliamSeward, there is no problem with the space-time continuum. It’s another non-issue that your party repeatedly throws out there as a red herring, distracting us from the real issues. The Colonial Fleet cannot afford to waste our resources on such nonsense; electing this small-town mayor to the Quorum of Twelve would be a great disservice to all we have fought for.

  • 4 terms is too many says:

    Nice try Wagoner cronies. Tom has taken on the role of a Democrat over the years, built his state retirement term after term and has learned to spend like dollars are water. Micciche is new to the scene and has run a city the way they should be run. Taxes cut two years in a row with lower budgets than ones he inherited years before. Soldotna has gained from his leadership more than any Mayor in my memory and I’m one that encouraged him to run. That’s what is needed in Juneau; a Republican that walks the talk. Take some time to learn the facts and issues. Alaska deserves better than the nothing being done by Tom and the Senate Dems.

  • Joanie says:

    Nice try, Peter.
    A ceremonial mayor of a city like Soldotna does not come anywhere close to “running the city”. He’s the elected chair of a Soldotna City Council meeting; that’s it. It takes the city administration and a majority of the council to do anything in Soldotna. Peter may be good at kissing babies, but we have yet to see if he has a clue about being a legislator.

    Tom Wagoner, the “Democrat” who has oil and gas companies crawling all over the Peninsula and developing our resources? I’ll vote for that.

  • WilliamSeward says:

    Soldotna has a strong city manager form of government, in other words the city manager is responsible for the operations of the city under the policy direction of the City Council. Mayor Micciche chairs the concil meetings and only votes in the case of a tie. His actual influence in policy creation is one vote out of seven, in spite of his continued attempts at grandstanding through lost dog radio ads and similar self-promotion efforts. Senator Wagoner has championed legislation causing the resurgence of industry investment in the Cook Inlet basin that will probably be the basis for legislation to increase investment in the North Slope.

  • NoDemCoalition says:

    Go Pete!! Tom Wagner is part of the bi-partisan, democrat controlled Senate coalition. As long as he is handing his vote over to senators from Nome and Sitka, why not just ask him to relocate his residence as well. It’s time to have a Senator that will represent the district that is voting him in.

  • david micciche says:

    Go uncle peter great strong points

  • getthesenatebackontrack says:

    How long are we going to wait until Tom actually does more than take credit for other people’s work. Industry is solving these problems not Tom Wagoner.