Soldotna Mayor Candidates Outline Views

The Special election in Soldotna to fill the remainder of the term left by former Mayor Peter Micciche is less than one week away. Yesterday evening  the two candidates on the ballot participated in a forum sponsored by the KSRM News Department. We asked each candidate about their views of the office of mayor in Soldotna, beginning with Dr. Nels Anderson…


Dr. Anderson: “The mayor doesn’t have a vote, the city council has a vote. The mayor basically sets tone and direction of the city. He certainly can influence the city council in the direction he wants to go. He represents the city has its face in public images and opportunities. But, basically  as I said, I think he can set the direction and tone by virtue of his attitudes  and directions he wants to go.”


We posed the same question to former City of Soldotna and Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dave Carey, who’d held the office for three terms…


Carey: “The mayor certainly is the face that the people see, but more importantly from my stand point, the mayor is the individual that has to go out as often as possible to as many different fronts as possible to be interactive with the people to see what they want and what they want to say. And the mayor should be the person that the people trust, that they can come and talk to, and again, that person will listen to them and do what is possible.”


The election will be held on April 2nd at Soldotna City Hall, and early and absentee balloting is open now as well.

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