Soldotna Mayor Candidates Discuss Views on City’s Future

As we’ve reported, the ballot is set for the special mayoral election in the City of Soldotna. The April 2nd election will be between former Soldotna City Council member and former school board member Dr. Nels Anderson and former City of Soldotna and Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dave Carey. We asked both, what they see in the future for the city of Soldotna, beginning with Dr. Anderson..


Dr. Anderson: “The city is in excellent shape, both financially and otherwise. It has good polices, it has a very nice fund balance, much better than the borough’s, and is being run by a city council that is conservative and yet has some vision. There’s the 2030 vision statement basically that we’re working on and I think that doing those things on that statement, is basically the long term goals, and we’ll aim toward that, at the same time being fiscally responsible in what’s done. 


Carey said that he takes issue with the current financials of the city….


Carey: “The City of Soldotna, in their own economic book, called “Popular Annual Financial Report to the Citizens” shows us that last year the city collected $602,000 in property taxes. They ended their budget year with a $1,088,000 surplus. Property taxes make up only  4.3% of entire the City of Soldotna budget. It’s time to get rid of property taxes. By getting rid of property taxes, certainly young families and those on fixed incomes, but also businesses, we’ll become an even stronger location for businesses to come to Soldotna because they don’t have the burden of paying property taxes.”

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