Soldotna Library To Receive Appropriates For New Books

Last night during Soldotna’s City Council meeting, the council unanimously approved an ordinance to increase estimated revenues and appropriations for the Soldotna City Library by $45,000 for the purchase of all new library books.


City Librarian Rachel Nash explained the reasons the library needed this money.


Nash: “Its a combination of factors, for one we just built a brand new beautiful library thats supposed to be opening in the next few months, we’re hoping December for those of you that are asking that question out there with the grand opening in January but that’s not set in stone. Also many of the books in the collection were outdated, they were too old to be of use and we wanted to continue to serve our mission which is to serve the people of the community and make sure we’re meeting their recreational, educational as well as cultural needs.”


We asked Nash what they plan to do with all the old books, once new ones are purchased.


Nash: “The first thing we try to do is sell them in the friends of the library book sale, if we’re able to do that the money goes right back into buying new books for the community so that’s the best use of our funds. We’re also looking into recycling projects for those books, as you might have heard some of them are moldy, some of them are just too damaged no one will want to purchase them. So if we can we are going to look into a recycling program that would also allow us to get money for recycling the paper.”


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