Soldotna Library Nearing Completion

The new Soldotna Library is nearing completion, and everything is running smoothly according to City Manager Mark Dixson…


Dixson: “The construction is going along as planned. I met with the acting librarian earlier this morning to talk about the Grand Opening. It generally takes about six weeks to plan a Grand Opening, so we’re still a little bit ahead of the schedule, but we’re hoping to have the Grand Opening in September, hoping to open up a few weeks before that.”


Dixson said they’ve been interviewing for a new City Librarian and are down to two candidates. In the meantime, there’s a need for public input on the Library’s collection…


Dixson: “Well, we’re doing a survey right now, if you stop in at the Library, or check out their Facebook page. We’re asking the residents in the community what type of materials they’d like to see in the Library. Obviously, the Library’s going from its previous space to one-and-a-half times, and the collection that we have now really is not going to fill that Library. So, we want to know what the public wants. We want to know what they want to see as far as books, as far as media material, DVDs, and programs themselves.”

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