Soldotna Library Closed During Transition

We previously reported the Soldotna Library had received appropriations to fund new books for the Soldotna Library as they migrate over to their new and improved space.


The Soldotna Library inside the Peninsula Center Mall closed on Thanksgiving and plans to reopen on Dec. 14th in the new library location at 235 N. Binkley St.


We spoke with Soldotna City Librarian Rachel Nash about the progress.


Nash: “Right now we just got all of our new shelves in which is very exciting because we can start moving the basement collection up and actually just today my Assistant Library Director and I were in there trying to figure out where everything is going to go, we had already planned that but its quite different being in the space and seeing how the traffic is going to move around it so we’re very excited to start that process.”


Nash said there are still a few things they’re waiting on until they are ready to open to the public.


Nash: “The carpets in, the shelves are up, the things we’re waiting for now are the rest of the furniture, the seating and also the casements that’s what goes on the ends of the shelves and signs so we can find our way around so we don’t lost so that’s what we are waiting on right now.”


Nash said they are hoping for a “soft opening” in mid December and are planning for a Grand Opening in mid January, depending on shipment of the furniture.




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