Soldotna High Will Retain Its Name, School Board Happy Its Behind Them

As you may have already heard, Soldotna High School will not receive a new name following many hours of debate, confusion and public testimony, the KPBSD school board ruled SOHI will keep its name.


We spoke to School Board President Joe Arness who said, he’s glad its over.


Arness: “At the end of the day I’m happy that we came to a decision, I hope that it puts it behind for everyone and that everybody can now move forward in the direction of making that school the best that it can be without the bickering back and forth over things like what color or what the mascots going to be, those things are some ways very important but in some ways totally insignificant and so I think realistically its good that we just have it behind us.”


The school board ran into many confusing tasks during the four hour meeting to which some members of the board suggested such ideas as leaving it up to the schools to decide, or recommending the Borough and State Dept. of Education make their determination.


Afterwards we spoke to Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater and asked how he felt about the School Board’s ability to come to a decision.


Dr. Atwater: “It was a unique situation. It was really unwieldy, too, for the Board to have to deal with that level, which they don’t normally do, which was colors and mascots. But I think it was appropriate that the Board did deal with that one. It was a contentious issue and if they left it open, I think it would have I think carried on and sort of spun out for a while, so I’m pleased that the Board did take action on it, even though it was unwieldy and somewhat unprecedented. I felt it was appropriate that they did bring closure to the conversation.”

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