Soldotna Creek Park Off Limits to Events This Summer

Posted: April 12, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Soldotna Creek Park will again be off limits to events this summer in order to allow the grass to grow.


Soldotna Parks and Recreation Director Andrew Carmichael explained.


Carmichael: “What happened last fall was right after it was hydro-seeded we had those huge huge ginormous rains and the grass did not grow, its there but essentially it almost completely drown it out. So we’re limiting the big events and not holding those there this summer because it would be a mud mess.” 


Carmichael said that Soldotna Progress Days will be held at the Soldotna Little League Fields as it was last year and Parks is working with the Kenai Watershed Forum in order to have the Kenai River Festival at Centennial Park.


Camichael: “I got 99% sure that’s where we’re having them, we’ve got a meeting there next Tuesday so unless something falls through I’m anticipating that we’ll be working with them to have it there.” 

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2 Comments to “Soldotna Creek Park Off Limits to Events This Summer”

  • Dave says:

    If Soldotna would hydro-seed the first or second week in June, they wouldn’t have had this issue. You cannot hydroseed beyond the second week in July. The seed needs 6 weeks to germinate and root, then another 4-6 weeks to establish itself. Same thing goes for anyone thinking of hydro-seeing, do not do in the fall!!

  • LCH says:

    if they would just put in sod the park could be up and running and making money instead of at an idle and stand still. super lame excuse for poor planning and waste of money.
    I know sod is a big initial expense but it would allow things to be up and running and profitable than losing money and unable to be used.