Soldotna Councilwoman Says Goodbye To Alaska

Council Member Brenda Hartman is saying farewell to Soldotna as well as Alaska and heading to Oregon.


Hartman was elected to Soldotna City Council Seat B in 2009 and was re-elected in 2011, her term would have ended in October 2014.


We briefly spoke with Hartman as she was packing to leave state and asked how her experience on the council was.


Hartman: “My experience was good, I certainly learned a lot, I really enjoyed working with the fellow council¬†members and getting to know some of the city employees”.


We asked Hartman what she will miss about being on the council.


Hartman: “Well I think that there’s a lot that is going to be coming to Soldotna, great ideas that are going to be implemented and being on the very base ground floor of coming up with some of those ideas with people and having those come to fruition is something I’m going to kind of miss, being on the ground floor but not seeing it finished, I guess I’ll have to come back and visit”.

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