Soldotna Council Member to Resign Effective Today

The Soldotna City Council, last night, accepted a letter of resignation from council member Brenda Hartman. Her resignation from the council is effective at 8:00am this morning.

We spoke to Hartman following last night’s meeting


Cm. Hartman: “The reasoning to give my resignation at this time, is so that my remaining year of my term could actually go to the people for a vote for someone to fill that seat, and it will have time to get on the ballot. If I did not resign until the end of September, it would just be an appointment rather than letting people vote.”


We asked Hartman, who was first elected to the council in 2009, what some of the highlights have been during her tenure


Cm. Hartman: “Working with the people that have been here, and had the pleasure to work with. I started on the council to help get the memorial park located where its at, and to help get that started, so that’s been a highlight. Another highlight has been working towards getting a teen center, and that is moving forward, and there is a lot more interest out there for that. So I’m happy about that.”


The council voted on a margin of 5-1 to accept the resignation, with council member Dale Bagley casting the lone no vote.

Hartman will be relocating at the end of September to Oregon to be closer to family, the city will be taking application for individuals who would like to be appointed to the council until the October election, and Hartman indicated that she would be available to serve on a temporary basis until the election.

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