Soldotna Council Chambers Named in Honor of Former Clerk

Posted: May 9, 2013 at 5:59 am

The Soldotna City Council met last night, and one item before the council was a resolution to honor the long time former city clerk. We spoke to Soldotna Mayor Nels Anderson.


Mayor Anderson: “Well, Ms. Burdick was city clerk for many years, thirty-years as I recall, and they[council]voted today to basically name the city council halls, the chamber, for Ms. Burdick in her honor.”


Members of Burdick’s family were on hand as the council voted unanimously to bestow the honor.

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One Comment to “Soldotna Council Chambers Named in Honor of Former Clerk”

  • SC says:

    I find it rather ironic that just a month ago, this same Soldotna City Council failed to stand up
    for another member of the Burdick family who had also shown so much dedication and given so selflessly to the city of Soldotna by allowing her to be terminated without any reason given to her by their new city manager of less than six months, Mark Dixson. I say to you members of the Soldotna City Council, the people of this community have NOT forgotten this misdeed of yours!! Should any of you run for public office again, our votes will show our lack of faith in your ability to hold public office!