Soldotna Continues Arc Lake Outdoor Skating

The City of Soldotna is offering outdoor skating this year. Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael says it’s all about the atmosphere…


Carmichael: “If you just want to casually take the family out, there’s a fire pit and a picnic table out at Arc Lake. Just kinda’ kick back. As soon as the full moon’s there there’ll be plenty of light, or shine the lights on from your truck and get the old outdoor experience.”


Carmichael said this continues a relatively new tradition for the city…


Carmichael: “Last year, we started clearing Arc Lake, an area out at Arc Lake. We don’t resurface it or anything like that, we don’t take the Zamboni out there and clear it. Once or twice a week after the snows we’ll take out the plow trucks and the broom, get it on our tractor and clear as much snow off as possible. So far, it’s worked pretty good. Had to work around a couple ice fishing hut holes and stuff when we put it in there, but as long as nobody ice fishes in the middle of the area we’ve got cleared, we should be good to go.”


Outdoor skating was planned for Soldotna Creek Park, complete with lighting, but Carmichael said the weather didn’t cooperate this year. The city will work on the project again in 2014.

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