Soldotna Completing Spring Hydrant Flushing

The cities of Kenai and Soldotna have been flushing their fire hydrants this month. Soldotna’s Utility Manager Rick Wood said it’s a national requirement…


Wood: “Oh every year what we do is we have a program where bi-annually we flush the distribution system and we’re required to operate all our hydrants once a year for our ISO insurance ratings. So this is part of the program, and every spring we go in there and we flush the system and we check, make sure all the hydrants are in operation by flushing everything through our fire hydrants.”


Wood said they’ll do the same thing this fall, likely in September, to keep hydrants in working order through the winter.


The flushing was completed on Wednesday, Wood said they’ve been working with CES to conduct flow testing, but residents likely won’t see any change.


Wood: “That’s what we go through and clear it up for first, is we try going through as fast we can to flush the system so when we’re doing the flow testing, what we’re stirring up is clean water in there, and we’ve flushed all the sediment out of the water that’s collected in there over the last six months.”

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