Soldotna City Hall to Start Remodel For Security Purposes

The Soldotna City Hall will be undergoing renovations in order to implement security in the building this summer.


City Manager Mark Dixson said the protection and security of the employees is taken very seriously.


Dixson: “We’re remodeling the City Hall for safety and security purposes currently anyone can walk into this building and virtually go to any portion of this building without being detected or without being stopped and it creates a safety issue for our employees, our employees who are on the basement floor are concerned with people sneaking down there because they have no exit and we would never know if something occurred down there.” 


Dixson said that contractors have begun planning, possibly starting the remodel as soon as this week.


At the council meeting Dixson said along with the remodel, the departments will be reorganized in the building.


The remodel is expected to take a couple of months.

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