Soldotna City Council Wraps Up Budget Work Sessions

Before yesterday afternoon’s Soldotna City Council meeting, Councillors wrapped up their budget work sessions. We spoke to City Manager Mark Dixson about their progress…


Dixson: “I thought it went very well. It was the second of two budget sessions that we’ve done with the City Council. There was a lot of exchange between the Department heads, myself, and the Council, a lot of questions, and I think for the most part, the Council is happy with the budget we presented.”


There was one contentious issue which was left undecided at the end of the session…


Dixson: “There was a discussion as to whether they were going to reduce the mill rate this year or not. It’s been reduced the last two years, right now it’s at .65. There was a discussion of whether or not to lower it to .50, and the consensus at the end of the work session was to leave it at .65, see how this year progresses and then next year make a decision on whether or not to reduce it.”


Dixson said the city currently has reserves of around $20 million.

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