Soldotna City Council to Meet Tonight at New Time

Posted: April 24, 2013 at 7:59 am

The Soldotna City Council,  during their last meeting, approved legislation to change the time in which the council holds their regularly scheduled meetings.  The move to hold council meetings at 6:00pm rather than 6:30pm was made by Soldotna Vice-Mayor Brenda Hartman.


Vice-Mayor Hartman: “As I mentioned during the meeting, the meeting time at 6:30pm makes it a really long day for city workers, and council members that work, and also for people who are working and get done earlier, and maybe go home and have dinner, then maybe it’s so cold out, or you get settled in after dinner, you just don’t feel like coming back out to a meeting. Our city council meetings, aren’t very well attended by the public, and I’d like to try a different time, maybe a little bit earlier, make it a little bit shorter day for some people, and people who out there, that won’t be such a long day to come out at 6:00pm, we’ll just see. The ordinance that we made, made it a possibly that the council can change that meeting time a little easier if that doesn’t work out.”

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2 Comments to “Soldotna City Council to Meet Tonight at New Time”

  • Attendance says:

    If Hartman and Dixson keep with their program they will find more attendance than ever, just lke the last meeting with many people objecting to her and Dixson’s conduct.

  • Tim says:

    Keep it at 6:30 for those of us who live in Soldotna, but work in the Nikiski area.