Soldotna City Council to Get Student Representative

This week the Soldotna City Council adopted a policy to create a student representative position.


Soldotna City Clerk Shellie Saner said that a teacher from Soldotna High School contacted her.


Saner: “They asked if we had a student representative policy in place and if we didn’t if it was something we would consider. We didn’t have one in place so I drafted a policy and the Mayor agreed that he liked it and we left the decision to the council on whether they supported it, which they did.”


Saner said her draft was based on Kenai City Council’s policy, who currently has Courtney Stroh as their student representative.


Stroh: “It’s a really unique and just interesting experience that not very many people get and it’s been really eye opening for me and so yeah I’m glad that Soldotna is starting that because I think that it’s a really beneficial program.”


Saner said that from here the City will inform the Soldotna High School student council that the policy is now in place so that they may appoint a representative.


She said that she did not know if the representative will start at this time or if the council will wait to appoint someone at the beginning of the next school year.

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