Soldotna City Council Lowers Mil Rate for Third Year

The Soldotna City Council met last night, and held a public hearing on a resolution to set the city’s property tax mil levy for the upcoming fiscal year. The Soldotna City Adminstration had proposed to leave the mil rate unchanged at 0.65 mils, however, Council member Dale Bagley moved to lower the rate for a third year in a row to 0.50 mils…


Cm. Bagley: “We did discuss this at the work shop, and I guess just to reiterate, we do have a very large general fund, I know this makes for a bigger deficit in our budget. I think even with that bigger deficit, when the CAFR comes out in a year and a half later, we will still be putting money into our general fund. So I think this is something that we can easily do. So anyway, that’s why I support the decrease.


Not all on the council were in favor of lowering the rate, Council member John Czarneski


Cm. Czarneski: “I spoke against this last time, and I’m going to do it again its for the same reasons. We do have a deficit budget, and I don’t thinks its responsible to be decreasing revenues when we have the position we’re in. I also mentioned, I think its very difficult to have to raise a mil rate later on if we have to, we’re currently paying less taxes in the city than our neighbors outside the city, and at $15 for every $100,000 of house, I don’t know about the savings, for me at least, I’d rather keep it where its at and see where we are after a year.” 


The council was split when the vote to lower the rate came up with, council members Pete Sprague, Dale Bagley, and Nancy Eoff voting for the change, and council members John Czarneski, Brenda Hartman, and Regina Daniels opposed to the change.

Mayor Anderson cast the tie breaking vote, to lower the mil rate for FY’14 to 0.50 mils.

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